Who we are

Who we are


The founders of the Haba Institute are made up of a group of Algerians of different profiles and backgrounds, united by a strong affinity and convergence of views, aware of the major challenge of science and innovation, inspired and stimulated by The exemplar of the prestigious achievements of national competences inside and outside the country. Together they decided to unite their faith, their convictions and their experience in an initiative designed to bring the knowledge, know-how and creativity of Algerians and especially of youth to the development of the country.



Our Mission

  1. The development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Algeria through the acceleration of startups.
  2. The creation of Fablabs for the benefit of ideas or innovative projects whatever their profiles.
  3. Think Thank intervening on strategic technological themes for the country.


Our Specificity

The Haba Institute is only interested in projects that the beneficiary or the recipient – investor or market – is identified in advance.
The process of maturation takes place in three stages, depending on the stage of development of the project:

  • Pre-Incubation
  • Incubation
  • Acceleration

The pre-incubation stage concerns projects at the idea stage but with a market study carried out and a team based.

The stage of incubation concerns the projects at the stage of validation of their economic model (market study and validated team). The objective during this stage is to validate the economic model after several « market tests » which will make it possible to identify the target, its need and how to provide it.

The acceleration stage concerns projects with a validated economic model and focusing on the growth of the startup in the chosen market.
It is at this stage that the Accelerator Haba intervenes by accompanying start-ups on all aspects related to their rapid growth!
Other axes of development of the institute are in progress and will allow to build a complete ecosystem for the success of startups in Algeria (Fablab of innovation that will allow everyone to realize its prototype with the means put at its disposal; Innovation, think tank etc.)

Our Targets

a) The Algerian youth, which has great potential for innovation but needs an ecosystem like ours to give free rein to its genius

b) The public or private company that needs advice and R & D to be competitive and able to export

The first axis of development of the Haba Institute is the Startups Accelerator. The Accelerator Haba supports innovative companies in their growth in Algeria and abroad. The objective is to accompany any project with high added value for the country’s economy and with strong growth potential abroad.

For its orientations and the scientific evaluation of its actions, the Haba Institute relies on a Scientific Council made up of renowned Algerian personalities resident and expatriates.